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Advertise your business on for only $49 a month (US) and increase your sales. Bizitly offers targeted marketing that's effective, easy to use and affordable.

From local neighborhood marketing to global trading, Bizitly is one of the most effective ways to advertise any product or service and a great way to reach consumers world wide. Simply choose the areas you would like to market in and we'll upload your ad "maximum of 20 ad slots" and there's no technical experience required.
Advertise on Bizitly
Why Bizitly is so great?
Bizitly is the only flat rate marketing platform that provides targeted global marketing at one advertised price of $49. It's the same price for everyone from small business to fortune 100 companies.
Let Bizitly take care of your marketing needs for only $49 a month! See how the Bizitly directory can help your business grow and recieve new targeted visitors 24 hours a day.
Bizitly will customize your marketing ads to your liking. Choose from any of our pre-built ad designs or upload a custom design of your own and let it work for you!
Advertising on Bizitly is easy and there is no technical experienced required, because we do all the work! Just make sure you can handle the calls and request.
Affordable Advertsing on Bizitly
Bizitly advertising is one of the best ways to advertise a business in 2020! For only $49 advertisers receive 20 ad placement credits used for ad placement slots. Ads appear on any (non exclusive page) of the advertisers choosing. If you sell tires, then appearing on car listings - auto repair shops and other non exclusive tire listings too. Advertisers can purchase as many ad slots as they choose. Ads run for 30 days un interupted and all leads are private and direct to the advertiser.

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Flat Rate Advertising on Bizitly
Bizitly advertising is available to everyone from start-ups to large corporations. Bizitly has the lowest rates with some of the most effective targeted marketing strategies online today. Don't you just hate it when your searching for shoes and a car ad appears? Bizitly has developed the worlds most accurate algorithym for target marketing. 100% accurate - safe and secure and Bizitly is world wide!

Bizitly allows for a new way to advertise by promoting the business to consumers searching for just that. You won't find an ad for cars while searching for furniture on Bizitly, instead users actually find what they search for on Bizitly.
Advertise on Bizitly