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Bizitly provides a place for charities to list their charity programs and Bizitly helps create awareness about your charity and your charity's cause. Once your charity is verified by Bizitly, your charity listing will be displayed to the world along with a verified charity badge. Helping those that help others, is just another way Bizitly is a better way of doing business.
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Bizitly is a great place to list a charity for free
Bizitly is a great place to list a charity
List a charity on Bizitly today and have it seen by millions around the world. People trust charity listings on , because all charity listings are 100% verified with the IRS and other government agencies.
Create awareness about your cause on Bizitly
Create awareness about your cause
Creating awareness about your charity or organization is easy to achieve on Bizitly. Charity listings on Bizitly can be targeted for a specific geo location. We also, provide global awareness about your services.
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Charity newsletters and promotions
Bizitly rotates charity listings weekly in our subscribed readers list, in order to help promote charities efficiently. Bizitly news publications are completely safe and we have over 55K+ subscribers.
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Charity is one of the most selfless acts one can perform for another and communities around the world depend on charities to help with things, we sometimes take for granted. From humans to animals and the earth we all share, charity is one of those things in life that actually make sense. For instance, recycle - repurpose and re-use is, one of the major roles played by charitable organizations globally.

It may be true, that money can't buy you happiness, but it sure can pay for utilities and housing and much needed supplies for mankind in the most isolated places in the world and cat litter too! "Yes Charity is Good" when done right, but charity is best when we all give together! List your charity on Bizitly today and let's get to work.
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Charity Networking

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Bizitly is happy to give back and help out in any way we can. To help give your charity that boost it needs, we have created the Charity Network and Rewards Program for certified charities worldwide. Help other charities help you, by allowing supported verified charities to appear on your charity listing also.

Here's how it works: Once your verified charity is listed on Bizitly, you can choose up to three paid advertisers and receive proceeds from that ad paid directly to your charity. No other directory on the internet offers a charity program like Bizitly, a better way of doing business.
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