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Bizitly has created one of the best places to listen to music for free anytime - on any device. Better than radio and there's no sign up or login required to listen to your favorite music. Hear some of your favorite artist and today's newest music artist for free on Bizitly.

Artist range from: R&B to Country | Rock | Rap | Alternative | Classic Rock | Covers | Pop | Electronic | Dubstep | Jazz | Blues | Acoustic | Classical | Bluegrass | Folk | Instrumentals |

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Bizitly music video app launching 11/20/2020
Upload Music Free
New music artist have a new platform to upload their music and it's called Bizitly. Gain recognition and new followers by uploading your music to Bizitly. Have a few advertisers in mind? Make money off your music and play it loud on Bizitly.
Alternative To Youtube
Recently Youtube announced changes in the way creators can advertise and monetize from advertising. Bizitly took notice and started working on a music platform allowing music artist to get paid for their hard work and creativity.
How To Monetize Music
Be heard on Bizitly and make a living doing what you love! Sell your music or make money from advertising in between videos. If you own it, we play it on Bizitly and allow original creators a better way of doing business. Make more money on Bizitly.
Making Money For Music Has Never Been Easier


Where Music Is Born
Youtube Alternative -
Looking for an alternative to Youtube? Bizitly provides a place to upload your music and a way to monetize your music? Musicians receive monthly reports of their views and other useful data to help and monetize those videos.

There's no crazy algorythyms or limits on who can make money uploading their music videos on Bizitly. Everyone is eligable to monetize their videos after 1500 individual views. Create an account today and see how Bizitly is changing the way music pays!

Steering is not allowed and at Bizitly, we won't suggest videos that you really don't want. Binge watching is back!
Launching 11/2020
Create a music channel on Bizitly Free
Get paid For Being Your Best
At Bizitly, we believe in creativity and encourage musicians to be themselves. Allowing artist to express their music in new ways is just one of the reasons Bizitly decided to help promote music. The other reason, we joined the music scene is to help musicians profit from their own creativity.

Safety and influence have become the topic of advertising either intentionally or unintentionally aimed at minors or adults. So how do we get around that? Simple - the same way major television networks do. We don't allow ads that influence users and users personal data is not sold to outside companies. There's no login required to use Bizitly or listen to music on Bizitly.


Create a Comedy Laugh Channel
Bizitly is a great place to start a comedy channel and sell your comedy, merchandise and expand your brand on Bizitly. Start your comedy channel for free on Bizitly.
Coming Soon
Monetize Documentaries on Bizitly
Start a documentary channel on Bizitly for free and start monetizing documentaries created by you. Bizitly is a great place to start a documentary channel and expand your audience.
Coming Soon
Start a Do It Yourself Channel
Start a Do-It-Yourself Channel on Bizitly and monetize your videos and expand your audience, when starting a documentary channel on Bizitly. Upload your documentary to Bizitly below.
Coming Soon
The Bizitly Music Reel

Bizitly Music Reel

Your Music Heard By Millions

Submit a song to Bizitly free and be heard around the world! Bizitly is a great platform to promote your music on and with the Bizitly Music Reel, you can be heard for free. The Bizitly Music Reel is completely ad free and is optimized for the best listener experience. The best way to promote music is to let listeners hear your music, and Bizitly wants to help musicians get their music played.
Listen to music from your favorite artist on Bizitly for free! No sign up or login required!
Privacy +
At Bizitly we take user privacy and safety very serious. We don't require a login or other personal information to listen to music on Bizitly. This actually helps keep users information more secure.
Bizitly pays the highest rates to music artist. Up to 1.03 cents (US) per play!
Safe Advertising
Bizitly has strict rules on advertising and does not allow political or religious advertising on the Bizitly platform. Music is music and Bizitly wants it to be enjoyed without worry of impression or opinions outside of your own beliefs.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy at Bizitly and making money from your views, sales and advertisements is easy too. Create an account and verify some information, upload your audio or video and Bizitly does the rest!

How do artist get paid?

Music artist and bands are paid through their own affiliates or affiliates of . The rates on videos vary and videos are paid on complete plays only. Bizitly does not allow users to skip ads and pays artist 60% of any monetary money profitted from uploaded videos paid to Bizitly.

How is Bizitly keeping kids safe?

Simple - we don't sell user or visitor information. This was a problem for major platforms in 2020. There's no need for us to track and share a users location either. Bizitly does not ask for special permissions, because we respect our users privacy.

Can I Use My Own Advertiser?

Of course you can use your own advertiser, after an approval from the Bizitly team. When it's your advertiser, Bizitly only charges a $19.99 a month fee to advertise. Bizitly does not take a commision from self made advertising or sponsorship. "That's your hard earned money"