Bizitly Data Plus

Get Paid For Your Data

Now you can get paid for the data you help generate. Why should big tech be the only one? You search, shop, spend and share while others sell your data even while your sleeping.

Let's face it, data is big business and it's not going away anytime soon. So why not get your piece of the pie or better yet get paid?
Data Shares
Did you mean to share that personal information with everyone? We know who they sell it to.
Here Me Now?
Learn how major cell phone carriers get you to pay twice and demand you connect your new mobile device to your home internet although you paid for unlimited data.
Get paid for your images, pictures, logos and funny moments from Big Tech with Bizitly Plus.
Got Karma?
What if Credit Karma and other information sharing sites had to pay you for every commission they make up to $2500 a day! Oh how much your score would improve if you could use that money to pay debt.

How Does Data Plus Work?

How to buy your service?

Let's face it. Data is big business and will continue to be bought and sold by fortune 100 companies willing to pay top dollar for the data you help generate every moment of every day. At Bizitly, we track down those sales and help get consumers paid for their data!

How Much Does The Service Cost?

The Bizitly Data Plus Program cost $20 mo. or choose the annual plan for only $99 yr.

How often will I receive payments for my data?

After your initial registration, clients can expect to start seeing deposits made into the account of their choice every 30 days.

Bizitly charges an additional $5.00 per every $100 US dollars collected and your data payments are deducted automatically.