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Bizitly provides Search Engine Optimization services for websites, apps and videos with up front pricing. At Bizitly, we deliver results by optimizing your project with relevant information, direction, and back end coding that search engines prefer.

With over twenty years of experience providing search engine optimization for a variety of companies worldwide, we have the experience your business is searching for. See for yourself why Bizitly is one of the top SEO providers today.

What Is SEO?

SEO is when your website or app has relevent information that both consumers and search engines find value in. SEO is NOT Adding Your Website To Everyone Else's Site, silly. At Bizitly, we add value to your website /app by filling it with information about your business! Now that's SEO...

SEO Is Logic

Have you every wondered why a site that you listed your business on appears higher in search results than your site? The answer is simple - because you placed all of your relevant information on their site and not yours. For real results based on logic and proper search engine optimization try Bizitly SEO, it may be right for you and your business.
Bizitly is one of the top SEO companies in the world

The SEO Company

Bizitly is one of the top SEO companies in the world providing search engine optimization services to thousands of businesses worldwide.

Have your site optimzed by Bizitly and give prospective consumers what they're really searching for - Your Business!

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Receive free SEO with your free Bizitly listing and we'll help consumers find your business, services and products more often with relevence.

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Receive monthly SEO reports That Make Sense, including monthly updates for up to 3 pages within your website / app.

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Full website / app optimization reports and auto updates that help your site remain prominent in search results. Max - 20 pages.

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