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Website design is available from Bizitly, one of the best website development and design companies in the world! At Bizitly, we build websites and mobile apps to your specifications including WordPress.

Custom website designed by Bizitly includes Search Engine Optimization and site submission worldwide, including the Bizitly directory.
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Websites are designed to the specifications of the business. No two websites are alike.
SSL and encryption are just a few of the benefits you'll receive with a Bizitly website.
Mobile Ready
Bizitly websites are built mobile ready and accelerated for all devices on all networks.
SEO = Search Engine Optimization and is included in everything Bizitly does.
Easy marketing solutions are available for all websites on Bizitly and the price starts at Free!
Accept payments virtually anywhere and increase your revenue with a customized eCommerce store from Bizitly.
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Bizitly designs websites and mobile apps for a multitude of businesses worldwide. One of our specialties are contractor and handyman service websites. We specialize in competitive industries such as roofing websites, locksmiths, painters and handyman websites.

Websites developed and designed by Bizitly rank competively because Bizitly websites and mobile apps are built right. By integrating the latest codes and elements required by major search engines, Bizitly websites have become some of the best in the world!
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Promote Your Business On Youtube!
Youtube is a great way to advertise your business, and Youtube videos allow business owners to say it in their own words. Promote your video or have one professionally made, just make sure you pay attention to copyright laws.

All Bizitly websites are designed with Youtube and other media platforms in mind. Video advertising can be very powerful for some types of businesses, services or products sold online. Subscribe to the Bizitly Channel on Youtube and stay up to date with free tips on SEO.
Accept Credit Cards Online
Bizitly builds e-commerce websites and shopping cart mobile apps for less than you think. One of the best things about a Bizitly shopping cart is that our e-commerce sites are custom and tailored to the business needs.

This allows business owners to compete and retain more of the profits from sales online. Pre-built shopping cart/e-commerce websites can overshadow a companies presence on the internet, whereas a custom-built site puts you next to giants.
Accept Credit Cards Online
Mobile Ready Website Design -
Accelerated Websites
Bizitly websites are built mobile ready and operate on any type of device on any network around the world. Building accelerated mobile ready websites is just what we do here at Bizitly. Cut your site load time by up to 99% with an accelerated mobile site from Bizitly.

Hint: Free Bizitly Lisitngs Are Mobile Accelerated.
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